Did My Brain Fall Out?

Haven't we all asked ourselves this question? There are days I am quite sure my brain did fall out - I can barely put one foot in front of the other and I forget everything. I know you can relate!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

There's A Snake in My Boot

So, since I started this blog (a dreamy 4 days ago?) I have written primarily about C, who shall now be referred to as C1. I asked C2, my 13 year old NT daughter, what she wants me to say about her on my blog. I assume this probably breaks the blogging-I-will-write-about-what-I-want law, but with 13 year olds, one must tread lightly – we are still trust-building, and at any moment, even my breathing can embarrass her. Her answer to me was, “something nice.” So, here ya go baby:

  1. When you were born, the nurse yelled out “You gave birth to a toddler,” because you were so big, so perfect and so long. You had the best coloring out of all of those pasty babies in the nursery. You looked older than your minutes. You still continue to be an “old soul” and more mature than your years.
  2. When you were 3, we were watching “Little Bill.” In the episode Little Bill had made a paper boat and took it down to the river (lake?) to watch it float, and a guy in a row boat ran it over. When I looked at you, your little shoulders were shaking with sobs. I knew you were cursed/blessed with my sensitivity and compassion.
  3. You made a new “friend” Woody at school when your teacher decided to buddy up some of the older kids with the younger, special ed kids. You took this job very seriously. You did NOT like when Daddy and I repeated over and over again our favorite Woody line (from Toy Story), “there's a snake in my boot.” You got really, really mad at us. You were the perfect Woody protector. Damn, I love you, RaRa.
  4. At 13, you remind me so much of myself. I hated all the clothes Grandma ever picked out for me, everything that came out of Grandma's mouth was reason to roll my eyes and retreat to my room, and I really never wanted her help. I guess that hasn't changed, but I have hope that we can build a better teen-mom relationship than I had with my mom.
  5. You like to spend my money, but are stingy with yours! I'm the same, although I never have anyone else's money to spend anymore.
  6. You can spend the same $5 at least 112 times. Hey, you owe me $5,525 dollars at this point.
  7. I love to watch you perform. You are so much more outgoing and talented than I ever was. You are who I wanted to be. Don't let your inner introvert hold you back. Oh and someday you will understand why, at 13, I didn't let you try out for X-Factor, American Idol or drive you to Nashville. Someday.
  8. I don't really hate your dad. I just say that. Don't forget, though, that I am cooler than he is.
  9. Don't be so stubborn. Four stubborn people in one house just makes life harder than it has to be.
  10. When I apologize for a mommy-mistake, I really mean it. Moms make mistakes. Let me apologize. See #9.
  11. You know how to push my buttons. I know how to push yours. I am having my button removed.
  12. You are so freaking smart – way smarter than I ever was. Academics will always be important, so just be prepared for us to push you as hard as we can without breaking you. Hard work pays off. This is how you will be able to own that Land Rover you want.
  13. You are way better than a brother, regardless of what your sister says.
  14. I love that you still let me hug you. I love that you love to go to church and to be involved. I love everything about you.
  15. My OCD will not allow me to end on #14. SCORE!   ♥

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  1. Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Ms. Kim is now wiping her tears!! So sweet!! Yay Suzanne!!